ReferWEB Overview

is a sophisticated public access Internet search engine that locates and displays Human Service Provider information from your organization's Information & Referral Resource database.

ReferWeb offers these feature:

  • Each website is custom designed for the customer's needs,
    including branding, links, and functionality.
  • Provides extremely accurate search results.
  • Fully hosted at the RTM Designs Data Center

ReferWeb offers several user-friendly search methods to accurately locate service providers:

    Referweb search page
  • Category/ Subcategory
      (#1 choice by users of I & R search engines)
  • Taxonomy or Keyword
  • Agency and Site name
  • AKA name
  • Program Name
  • Area Located
  • Area Served
  • Conditions and Filters

The ReferWeb interface is completely customizable and is generally designed to integrate seamlessly with your current Website's graphics. The customer decides which font styles, graphics, page layout, and search options are right for their needs. ReferWeb tracks and reports user statistics such as web hits, Zip Codes, city, age, gender, services, searched and which service providers users are viewing.

ReferWeb is simply the most advanced, affordable customizable Internet Search Engine for Human Service Resource Databases.