ReferWEB Faqs

How is ReferWEB different than other systems?
ReferWEB utilizes sophisticated search logic to return an accurate list of service providers targeted specifically to the person requesting services.
Are the search results accurate?
Yes. ReferWEB's search logic is designed to eliminate the occurrence of "false positives." A ReferWEB search will return only those that can offer service based on the search criteria entered. These results will be sorted by proximity from the user's location.
How can a ReferWEB system benefit our organization?
ReferWEB gives your organization another means of providing service information to those in need without additional demands on your call center staff. A ReferWEB site also gives your organization a presence on the web that can help to promote the work being done by your organization.
Can my ReferWEB application be customized to match our organizations website?
Yes. We make every effort to match your organization's website in order to provide a seamless transition between your website and the ReferWEB application.
Isn't a web search complicated or intimidating to some users?
It can be. We realize that not all ReferWEB users will be experienced with computers and the internet. We make every effort to provide a simple and intuitive user interface that assists both the novice and experienced user to find services quickly and efficiently.
What about users with accessibility issues (vision impairment, etc)?
Our ReferWEB applications are developed in compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications. Our applications are compatible with screen reader technologies and contain other features for assisting those with special needs.
Can we have other pages for contact information or agency information?
Yes. We offer up to 5 additional web pages that may be used for information such as contact information, organization description, agency news, etc.
Our agency doesn't have a website, can you design one for us?
Yes we can. Our design team can work with your organization to create logo and banner images, color themes, layout, and other design elements to professionally promote your organization's mission.
Can you create a custom web application to meet our agency's needs?
If your organization has needs beyond the basic ReferWEB functionality, contact RTM Designs at (888) 933-5052 to discuss your needs and recieve a price quote.
Is it reliable?
Absolutely. We gauarantee 99% up time with our ReferWEB applications.