New Refer version 7.4

RTM Designs is the leading software developer of Web and Windows based Information Referral and Client Tracking software products.

Call center worker taking a call Since 1996, our products have been designed specifically for organizations providing human service information and assistance to the community through call centers or the Internet. RTM Designs' clients include 2-1-1 Call Centers, Aging Resource Networks,Crisis Intervention Centers, Child Welfare Organizations, and many other specialized call/assistance centers throughout North America.

Caregiver helping a senior citizen RTM Designs offers a range of I & R software solutions with one goal in mind- to help you efficiently and effectively provide much-needed services to your community. Our ReferNET system is currently serving over 40 statewide and multi-county networks nationwide; providing our clients with centralized resource data maintenance, call and client tracking systems, statistical reporting services, publicly-accessible web searches, and current disaster service information.

To learn more about upgrading to the ReferNET system, contact RTM Designs at (888) 933-5052.