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Search using Service when you know one or more of the words in a service terms. For example, searching with the words rent and assistance will help you find the service term rent payment assistance.

Agency/Program Name

Search using Agency/Program Name when you know one or more of the words in a service provider name or program name. For example, search with the words red and cross to find American Red Cross locations and see what services are offered.

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If you don’t find any matching results, change the drop down list from Any Word to Partial Word. This is the least restrictive search. Finding too much on the results list? If there are too many results matching the word you used for searching, try the following to see fewer matches: Use more words for searching. For example, search with the three words bill payment assistance instead of just the word assistance. Another example is to search with the words abuse counseling or abuse prevention instead of just abuse. Change the drop down list from Any Word to All Words or Exact Phrase. This is the most restrictive search.

If you limited your search by ZIP Code or town, delete the limits.

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